At Vamora we offer a wide range of luxury and bespoke furnishing solutions, suitable for any living area – with the expression of a unique style that brings a contemporary flair to the classic by combining elements from multiple design disciplines. Our teams talent and creativity, which is able to keep its ambitious promises, always starts from humility and creativity.


Your initial design consultation will involve a detailed discussion with one of our talented designers to fully understand your needs.


Before your bespoke luxury furniture enters the manufacturing phase, you will receive a professional 3D render of your project.


From start to finish, our manufacturing team will fully understand your vision, crafting your project until perfection is reached.


We provide in-depth assembly instructions with every order so that you can enjoy your new bed (or sofa) as quickly as possible.

Great manufacturing is wasted without great design.

The Process

Having an emotional connection to your home interior is important. For this reason, to achieve stunning interiors that are packed with personality, we encourage you to consider the emotional needs of your space, along with your aesthetic aspirations, when designing your home. We believe it’s important to get a sense of the basic layout and requirements which can sometimes be overlooked.

Reach out to Vamora, sending as much information as possible and we’ll go through your photos, room measurements and floor plans. We’ll also consider your design inspiration imagery, as well as key pieces you’d like to either keep or include. The more information you send, the more we can make your dream a reality. Next, leave it to our designers to digest your request. We’ll then offer you a phone call so we can learn more about your design aspirations in depth.

Once we’ve established a clear brief, we’ll produce a concept board to be emailed to you. Concept boards act as an anchor for the scheme(s) to reflect the overall design concept, style and aesthetic that the finished design encompasses.

After the concept board has been approved, our design will progress onto a more detailed design scheme for you. We’ll work together to bounce ideas, opening a collaborative Pinterest board with you, showing you suggested furniture, fabrics, finishes and paint colours. We’ll also consider the general arrangement layout, producing a full design scheme based on your own personalised design concept.


Our dedicated team of project managers will ensure your order is overseen from inception to completion; efficient communication and professionalism is what we’ll provide through every stage of the process. We’ll add value to your project, providing the design review, sample approval as well as valued engineering options, through to the final fulfilment and handover stage.


At Vamora swift communication is key. That’s why we ensure both our design team and craftsmen work on the same site, meaning ideas can be translated instantly to our experienced carpenters and fabricators who manufacture everything in-house. Alongside our own ranges of furniture, we work to completely bespoke drawings and briefs, from small quantities and one-off items to very large batches. If design advice is what you’re after we also offer custom designers, as well as drawings, based on your specifications.

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